YFL Greater China Acceleration

                          **YFL Greater China Acceleration**

                                   2 Months Activity


Hello everyone, RockTree Capital is a merchant bank in Beijing and Shanghai that invests into and advises projects operating between the nexus of Greater China and the West. Our team is a combination of local Mainland Chinese and non-Chinese, and we are grassroots in China’s crypto circles, and our investors and investment partners include Huobi, ZhenFund, DFund and others in China. We are very impressed with the YFLink team - and support the project’s mission. DeFi in China went parabolic in the summer of 2020, contributing a significant percentage of global users, TVL, and retail support. Local retail users and community are seeking reliable and innovative platforms - yet they need access to information and education to participate - particularly for non-Chinese projects, which have difficulty accessing the market. Accelerating YFL’s growth in Greater China is a strategic use of resources during the coming anticipated bull run of alts, and the influx of tens of thousands additional users from China to the DeFi ecosystem that we anticipate over the coming fiscal quarters. We want to volunteer RockTree’s services to localize and accelerate YFL in the Greater China market.

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is for YFL Greater China Acceleration and promotion into the active trading community and wider crypto community in Greater China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan).

  • Chinafication of YFL materials and local market positioning
  • Campaign: Build awareness of YFL project in crypto institutional investor and retail community in Greater China.
  • Promote usage of LINKSWAP product and DEX.
  • Increase interest in YFL token
  • Ensure a steady drum beat of news is provided to the Greater China market.


A significant opportunity exists to stimulate the active retail trading community in Greater China with a deliberate display of presence and vigor around the project.

  • Activate trading community with facts and fomo
  • Permeate the existing Link community in China to attract net promoters to LINKSWAP
  • Identify existing KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders/Influencers) supportive of YFL and expand to those with YF reach.
  • Build a core local community of advocates in a curated and managed WeChat group.
  • Use recent market sentiment away from CEX to DEX as an advantage to gain audience
  • Macro crypto market conditions are ripe to generate momentum around YFL, this bull run window is only temporary and needs to be utilized for gaining users, supporters, and retail interest.


We are requesting that $40,000 (USDT/USDC) and 50 YFL for the purpose of Marketing/PR and incentivized community promotion of YFL be allocated to RockTree Capital at address: 0xA21D77cBe2c8fa5d4902C0E012d534a3c99d4b83 for funding the management and cost of the YFL Greater China Acceleration campaign.

RockTree shall provide its services as a contribution to the YFL Community, while the amounts listed above will be for costs related to the bullet point items listed under Motivation, such as KOLs, Chinafication, certain media releases, and WeChat group activation/management, amongst others.

  • Timeframe: Across 2 Months Of Activity

  • PR/Marketing: $40,000 USD (Denominated in equivalent YFL to be converted upon proposal execution)

  • Incentivized Community Activation: 50 YFL

Voting Options

For: Approve $40,000 USD (Denominated in equivalent YFL to be converted upon proposal execution) and 50 YFL sent from the YFL Treasury to RockTree Capital’s address (0xA21D77cBe2c8fa5d4902C0E012d534a3c99d4b83)

Against: No changes.


Timeframe: YFL China Acceleration: 2 Months 8 Weeks


|Translation (limited range of materials) |yes|
|Basic legal review pre-campaign |yes|
|Strategic campaign development and advisory |yes|
|Campaign execution and oversight, including third party management |yes|
|Development of partnerships and discussions/negotiations with local groups |yes|
|Drafting of certain releases |yes|
|Monitoring and managing WeChat communities |yes|
|Bi-monthly meeting and reporting on activity & traction |yes|
|Actively support YFL strategic introductions |yes|
|Blockchain flash news with top blockchain media in China, including drafting and community sharing (Expected reach plus 500k core industry across major tier 1 media including Jinse, Mars, Bikuaibao, Chainews, Chiannode, Chaindd etc. |2 to 3|
|KOL (key opinion leader) pieces, including article draft and media channel distribution. KOLs get picked up by media and the amplification exceeds 100,000 of users per post |3 to 4|
|Tier 1 blockchain press release feature on media and tech/business |2|
|Promotion AMAs event to traders, media, investors and exchange communities - in Chinese and English - with translators plus media promotion pre, during and post AMA event week |2|
|Third Party Activation and Promotion in WeChat communities |yes|
|Social WeChat promotion: 200 communities + KOL’s reaching 50,000 traders e.g Midu App with +200k users |2|
|Dedicated daily community manager to curate and engage YFL core tribe on WeChat |2 Months|

Appendix: Explanation of promotion activities

Strategic Advisory and campaign oversight:

Executed campaigns through multiple lenses including regulatory, institutional investor perception, trader propensity, partnership forming and reputation building across team, tech and product/market fit.

Communications crafted in collaboration with YFL.

Community management with a dedicated point-person for group questions and mobilization:

RockTree handles and fosters community engagement, audience development and query handling. As part of the community management our team becomes experts on YFL as a whole, pushes out PR/Media information, recaps the week in the life of the project to the group, hand holds any troubleshooting and builds momentum around key dates such as AMAs, product launches and capital raise initiatives.

Pitch Deck and materials co-development for China market and translation:

Comprehensive review of key materials including presentation deck, project overview, FAQ’s and some key webpages with translation provided into a resonating Chinese narrative.

Basic legal review pre-campaign

Particularly controlling KOL (Key opinion Leaders) and AMA conversations

Blockchain flash news to top blockchain media in China, including drafting and community sharing:

This is a digestible and rapid format for releasing information across media sites, social WeChat/Bihu, and community leaders dissemination to grassroots. Usually involves a mini-press release, poster design and publishing.

KOL (key opinion leader) pieces, including article draft and media channel distribution:

Access into over +30 KOL/Influencers with individual focus on evangelizing YFL technology, products, trading versatility, media relationship building and mobilizing their audience to on-board

Tier one blockchain press release feature on media and tech/business:

Direct access into Jinse, Sohu, ChainDD, MARS, China.com, Chainhoo, Zaker, CSDN, Bishijie, Toutiao, 163.com, Cointelegraph and more. Each release is constructed for both reader digestion and Baidu SEO.


AMAs involve a five step approach that is customized to an audience and format that best suits the campaign in that particular part of its campaign lifecycle

  1. Mini-strategy on purpose, outcome, target audience and activation
  2. Event scheduling, poster design, media promotion and sponsorship (if any), guest speaker outreach, event group creation, audience on-boarding.
  3. Showtime Q&A preparation, interpreter, logistical dress rehearsal, support team briefing audience engagement.
  4. AMA is executed and call-to-action delivered.
  5. Media follow-up and recap on event, community push and support tram follow-up with attendees.

Social WeChat engagement:

(A) Specific campaign engagement across a crypto community platform with approximately 200k+ app users.

(B) Social Engagement across over 200 communities + KOL’s reaching 50,000 people

Many WeChat community groups exist in the trading and crypto community that RockTree is a part of, and has leverage. All media activity and YFL progress if newsworthy is shared into these key groups for the purpose of taking tier one media and delivering it directly to a core audience. These groups also become a means for farming ambassadors to join the YFL community group on its journey.

Blanket community pushes occur at optimal dates and times in the region.


Looks good. Have been in contact with Rocktree and they gave us this most thorough/detailed proposal going over a lot of what they plan on doing with the China push. Think there’s lots of value Rocktree can provide, and the fact a VC is looking at doing this sort of thing with our token can only mean good things.

Will be voting yes!


This is 50% of total YFL Treasury. Take that into account.

Adding in here a couple of items that were mentioned in the discussion regarding this proposal

  • Preferred to have start date coordinated by team members to ensure marketing teams can have the greatest possible content and full features that YFL will have to offer at that time. ie: starting the campaign on 1-27-21 may not be a sound strategy vs when all features of LinkSwap and Governance features are fully operational.

cryptostarseed 1/26/2021

@Morty297 A few items I’d like to see noted as much as possible:

  • A bit more of a detailed breakdown of costs for the $40K (e.g. consultation, media buys, influencers) beyond the 50 YFL for activation incentives

  • Identifying specific conditions (e.g. staking FE fix, autopools) that need to be present for the campaign to begin (assuming it passes)

  • Creating a dedicated channel on Discord for weekly status updates, sharing pre-campaign strategy materials, and campaign performance updates

  • Define measurable KPIs and targets for ‘success’ (e.g. x% lift in LS volume from China)

Finally, adding in this item from RockTree / ‘KevinOB’ on their plan for budgeting and scheduling just so everyone can see it here…

the budget is set and media gets planned, scheduled and placed across each of the 8 weeks to stimulate and educate the market, with no overrun on the assigned budget. We will be able to supply reporting on the impact on numbers and next steps as we flow through the campaign. We take a vested interest in our investments particularly as for many Greater China is such a black box yet holds massive upside in terms of liquidity if its approached right, so this effort by us is to fully help the project and utilize all of the budget to PR/ marketing, events, media.

I will be voting with a YES in support of this.

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Thank you @PixelBlock for consolidating those comments. My intention is only to add those points for clarity in order to set our own expectations for this rather large investment. This is a great proposal and I am confident the initiative can drive great value for us long term. I will be voting YES in support.

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This is a great push forward and we need to have more visibility. This is a definitely a Yes