Win-Win Marketing Strategy

Abstract/Executive Summary :

To help on the marketing front, this proposal is to create a win-win marketing strategy for broader exposure of YFLink ecosystem.

Motivation :

Based on the successful BadgerDAO marketing, I’d like to apply a similar marketing strategy which would bring not only broader exposure, but it’d also benefit the YFLink project long-term.
This win-win strategy is as following:
1- Sponsor upcoming events, mainly hackathons which is what 1inchexchange does. Besides helping the community, YFLink could ending up finding future partners, products, tools and features to Linkswap or bring new developers to the team.
2- Support projects focusing on educational content that help to onboard new people in DeFi. People using Linkswap in DeFi tutorials on Youtube videos… it’d be cool.

All events and projects should be picked on the Gitcoin platform. In terms of marketing, this is also good because it’ll call the community attention about YFLink putting a small fund to support Gitcoin’s projects.

Specification :

Among the many projects on Gitcoin, I’ve selected these ones:

The DoraHacks Global Blockchain Hackathon Series | Grants | Gitcoin would be a good choice. DoraHacks is organizing a series of global hackathons from Nov 2020 to Oct 2021, starting from China, US to more countries. In Jan an ETH hackathon (NFT, DAO, L2) will be hosted in Beijing. A bunch of US hackathons will start in March.

For the educational content, I´d go with Every Bit Helps Creating Educational YouTube Tutorials | Grants | Gitcoin. Every Bit Helps is an educational YouTube channel created in 2017. Creating tips, reviews & tutorials relating to Bitcoin and DeFi.

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