PASSED - Proposal - LINKSWAP paid promotion funding

Abstract/Executive Summary

We request 50 YFL from the treasury to fund a paid Twitter and paid IG Story/Tik Tok campaign


This proposal is designed to use treasury funds on targeted marketing alongside our community marketing campaign in January to help kickstart Linkswap traffic and volume. The funds are for a two-part campaign, which includes a paid Twitter campaign to boost our Linkswap launch media and target DeFi users, and a paid Tik Tok/Instagram Story campaign to target non-DeFi users and introduce them to a user-friendly DeFi onboarding experience. Non-DeFi users will be linked to educational resources about DeFi, YFL and using Linkswap with no prior DeFi experience.

We split DeFi into two demographics: DeFi technical community/blue chip projects, and DeFi retail users, community DeFi projects, “degens”. Our marketing efforts should focus on the retail DeFi users, highlighting our community and user-focused features. The DeFi “in-crowd” is more difficult to convert away from competitors, and will only be converted to YFL via favorable price action, partnerships and technical milestones. These factors are not influenced by marketing per se, but by development and therefore should not be the primary focus of targeted marketing at this stage.

BTC at new ATHs and “DeFi” becoming a buzzword in fintech and crypto media may have created an opportunity to target retail users who have heard of DeFi but have not broken through the technical barrier surrounding DeFi, and provide them with a clean UX into the technology. The intent is that this campaign will refund treasury funds by helping to create sustainable ecosystem revenue through awareness and usage of Linkswap.


  • Paid Twitter campaign
    • Target audience: DeFi non-technical users
    • Boosting the previously-created Casss Linkswap promo video on Twitter
    • 20 YFL to fund ad spend for a 4-week paid Twitter ad campaign
    • 4 YFL for Cryptomemez parody CEX vs. DEX ad as secondary campaign asset
  • Paid Tik Tok and IG Story ad campaign
    • Target audience: Normies with some crypto or trading interest
    • Palis to create and populate IG and Tik Tok accounts for YFL
    • Leeren and Morty to create a basic walkthrough of how to get started on Linkswap with no prior DeFi experience
    • Palis and Morty to create landing page blurb for non-DeFi users
    • 5 YFL for Casss or Cryptomemez vertical (IG Story/Tik Tok format) ad highlighting DEX capabilities and skins (ie. CFi Cyberpunk)
    • 15 YFL for 4-week Tik Tok and IG Story ad campaign. Allocation between the two formats will be based on ROI results using a few hundred $ at a time.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Palis will be reporting on campaign success metrics throughout the 4-week campaign. Reporting will be updated a minimum of every 48 hours to include the following:
      • Social ad metrics: impressions, engagements, CPM (cost per impression), CPE (cost per engagement), ad clicks, conversions (if possible to define and pixel track MetaMask connections or transactions)
      • Linkswap daily volume
      • YFL unique wallets
      • Bookkeeping expenditures including receipts of treasury fund conversations and ad spend in USD denominated documentation
    • 5 YFL as compensation to Palis
  • Marketing Strategy Discretion
    • As co-leads of this marketing initiative, Palis and Morty reserve the discretion at any time to change the strategy, budgeting, format or creative direction of the marketing campaign, or to cancel the remainder of the campaign. If the marketing campaign is canceled, all unused funds will be returned to the treasury
    • Project leads will be soliciting ongoing community feedback in casual format in the #marketing-general Discord channel
    • At the end of 4 weeks, any unspent ad money will be returned to the treasury


  • Total costs are 45 YFL with the following breakdown:
    • 20 YFL for a 4-week boosted Twitter ad campaign
    • 15 YFL for 4-week Tik Tok and IG Story ad campaign
    • 5 YFL for Casss IG Story/Tik Tok format marketing assets
    • 5 YFL for Palis for campaign management and KPI reporting
    • 4 YFL for Cryptomemez parody CEX vs. DEX ad
    • 1 YFL for gas

Voting Options


Approve the use of treasury funds for this campaign


Reject the use of treasury funds for this campaign