PASSED - Proposal 25 - Dev/PM Team Compensation

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is for compensation to development teams and frontend devs.


Hey everyone, Roy here ^^

It’s been quite a long few months hasn’t it? We initially had some troubles with delays on our feature app, LINKSWAP, but the community has stuck with us, supported and encouraged the great work being done. That energy is something I’ve loved to be a part of, and a flame I’d like to kindle further over time. Though we’ve only launched LINKSWAP just a few days ago, we already have 10 million TVL, rolled out a staking program, announced a new partnership with CyberFi, and gotten a level of interest in the product that is simply unmatched in DeFi. ALL from the community.

Here’s the thing though - all of these great initiatives have a price. And initially I was unaware of the heavy costs associated with development, marketing (yes I pay for a lot of marketing and graphic work aside from the great work done by Morty and the official marketing team) and so on. I wouldn’t want to put together a real estimate of the amount of funds I’ve put towards LINKSWAP, as it doesn’t matter to me too much. After all, I’ve donated 200 YFL of my personal stash directly to help fund the LINKSWAP LP Staking Program! ^^

This proposal is not to compensate me for the work I’ve done on YFL, though I have tried to set a bit for myself to try and partially make up for a bit of it (in truth I will likely end up spending it on dev anyway :joy:). No, this proposal is to make sure funds are there for the future development of YFL - and if not for development, what is the Treasury YFL for?

OK, flowery language over, let’s get down to specifics. Here’s what I have in mind:

50 YFL to myself, for the things I’ve helped facilitate. Just a few things I’ve done:

  • The subgraph will cost about 5k
  • CFI campaign will cost about 3k (I am fronting costs for games)
  • Fronting costs for LINKSGIVING (4 YFL)
  • 200 YFL donations for LINKSWAP LP Program
  • The uniswap info fork will cost about 10k
  • Original marketing videos and images before we had a marketing team ran me about 5k
  • 10k for Polo listing (I wish I could take this back haha)
  • 5k donated to the BONK Autopool
  • The list goes on :joy:

25 YFL to MeanMachineX (Jason), for his additional assistance in bringing LINKSWAP to reality post-launch.

  • Additional tweaking to LINKSWAP was required and Jason had the man for the job. He will remain anonymous here but he has provided countless hours and assistance in getting LINKSWAP out and is continuing to do so on an ongoing basis. Some of this will go to him. You can also check the old proposal (when everyone was on strike) where Jason posted some invoices here.

20 YFL to Morty.

  • Morty has done lots of great work for YFL behind the scenes, and though he’s not as publicly active as I am, he has been an absolute blessing in making sure things get done. In addition to coordinating the marketing team, he has been closely involved with different aspects of the LINKSWAP launch and rollout since. Moving forward he will continue coordinating the marketing team and assist with project management, moving between me and the teams to help out where urgently needed in whatever way possible. He has gone above and beyond the 1 YFL he requested as compensation in the LINKSWAP marketing proposal, so I feel he has earned some YFL!

100 YFL to a public address

  • Right now, speed of delivering product is important to me (please dear god no more delays :joy:), and I want to be able to make decisions on the fly as I need to when it comes to marketing, development, and onboarding new individuals. I’ve onboarded 2 developers just this week and tonight I’ll be interviewing a third. Of course I will pay for it - but having a nice buffer always helps! The YFL in the public address would be used ONLY for YFL-specific development and funding. Paying devs, additional marketing (outside of the scope of Morty’s work) etc. will be spent from here. For example, I’d like to pay dextools for some advertising of the LINKSWAP platform in a few weeks. I am onboarding a new dev for the site. Little things like this.

All transactions in that public address are auditable - meaning anyone can ask what a tx was made for and its purpose and will receive a clear, concise answer. The idea is to get transparency into the costs and transfers from the account, if people are so interested.

It’s quite an ask! But I think the great work we have delivered so far is a testament to our desires to make great things happen. That’s why I took the stance of building first, and asking later. I think if we make use of every dollar in that Treasury now while we are young, profits will really start to roll in from the greater ecosystem, LINKSWAP volumes, and so on, refilling the Treasury and allowing us to work on this thing forever. I leave this decision entirely up to the community, however, to judge whether my/our devs work on YFL has been worthy of your gratitude and continued support ^^

Note - None of the 50 YFL sent to me or the 100 sent to the ongoing dev fund will be sold following the transfer, so market impact will be minimal. I can’t speak for Meanmachine and Morty (though I expect with Morty’s close involvement in YFL he will also be holding)


I am requesting that:

50 YFL be sent to my public Ethereum address: 0xd4DE6CC5A0fdb3FD0235bBeaa158A8a17BBA0EC2 ;

25 YFL to the Team 02 address: 0x054e460107f5cf44462f4879a4642183B2e9a6fF ;

20 YFL to Morty’s address: 0x5000E0c70076BB9fa38B1A3F431405c63BeA28d3 ;

100 YFL be sent to the future development address: 0xe905454997E0cee0bcE7073840673ea266638281 ;

Voting Options

For: Approve the YFL to be sent within 10 days to the above addresses

Against: No changes.


Oh and if it’s not obvious I’ll waive the 2.5 YFL that would go to me if this prop passes as well, that can stay in the treasury.