PASSED - Proposal 23 - YFL Governance Vault Fee Activation

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is for the activation of the LINKSWAP governance protocol fee.


Hey everyone, Roy here ^^

When we initially conceptualized LINKSWAP, the intent was to create a next generation AMM that has unique features, exclusive pools, and shared profits with stakers. It’s been some time coming, certainly with a few hiccups along the way, but we’ve finally reached the moment where everything solidifies into reality. What started out as an abstract has become concrete, and it is up to us now to take it one step further to the next phase in the journey.

YFL is a community project. And the story here is one that is all about community - what it means, what a vote is worth, and how these things help to enkindle a base that only grows stronger and more wealthy over time. Even our flagship product LINKSWAP was ultimately a community driven incentive. I myself, taking my small part in development of YFL, have been so humbled - for though I was initially just a community mod (hey Roy! We need someone to manage the Discord!) my own role has grown to be so much more.

So where does that leave things? In your hands of course - we never want to make a decision, no matter how “obvious” it might seem, that isn’t ratified and permitted by the very holders those decisions affect. And so I come to you as a fellow YFL holder to propose the activation of the governance protocol fee.

In essence, this delivers on the promise of LINKSWAP, but done so through community vote - it enables a percentage of profits from ALL trades on LINKSWAP to be routed to YFL holders. It enriches the ecosystem and provides great incentives for newcomers and seasoned members alike. It evolves LINKSWAP and YFL from just a speculative ERC 20 token into a legitimate investment vehicle, and an income generating asset. It will increase the price. These things and many great more will come as we take this next step, together, as a community.

I look forward to your vote!


I am requesting that the LINKSWAP governance protocol fee be activated, giving a percentage of profits (as specified in the LINKSWAP posts by Team 02) to YFL stakers in the YFL governance vault. The profit scheme will be as follows:

0.25% of total trade size per trade on LINKSWAP goes to Liquidity Provider
0.05% of total trade size per trade on LINKSWAP is split:

  • 80% to YFL Stakers
  • 20% to YFL Treasury

Voting Options

For: Approve the protocol fee for LINKSWAP and turn on profits for YFL stakers in the governance vault in accordance with the above values.

Against: No changes.


Can‘t wait to vote for the activation! We need to make clear, that we need the majority of the stakers to vote for this to meet the quorum.

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great things coming!!


Can’t wait. Will you include that you will forfeit your Proposal Reward if passed? Mwahahahha.

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Haha. Why not? <3 I have a second prop coming for a related subject so I will happily pass on the YFL for passing the prop here.

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