PASSED - PROPOSAL 22 – Early Team Compensation Package

Abstract/Executive Summary:

Herein I request 50 YFL paid to Behemoth and myself for our work on the project.


This proposal seeks to compensate two individuals: Myself and Behemoth for work on the project.

Behemoth and I were early contributors to YFL, but we are set apart from other early-birds by the fact that neither of us were able to mine/purchase significant amounts of YFL during the early days as we lacked the means to do so – we both personally mined < 3 YFL each. Furthermore, neither of us were part of the “Team 1” vesting pool (found here, under the team01MinedTokens sheet), which is set to pay out ~1400 YFL to various other early team members. Some of these individuals will end up with >1,000 YFL thanks to getting in exceptionally early during mining, plus vesting payouts. This is not to accuse those individuals of getting more than they deserve, but simply to put in perspective what we are asking for as individuals who were similarly situated to the founders of the project, but lacked the means to invest anything but our time.

Behemoth is a software dev who has been with the project since August. A short list of his contributions, all of which he has done without pay to this point

  • Creation and maintenance of our server bots. This includes the price bot, gas bot, Trademaid channel, and others.

    • Behemoth has done extensive work coding and maintaining the bots which he estimates has taken him in excess of 100 hrs. to date. This includes troubleshooting multiple different outages, including swaps to different platforms due to blocking by Etherscan.
  • The upcoming Linkswap launch will need the bots to be reworked so they can work with multiple price and trade sources (Uniswap + Linkswap). In a best case scenario, this will need a normal - good amount of work. On a worst case scenario, he doesn’t know how much work will be needed until Linkswap releases and he figures out how to extract trade data from it for YFL.

  • Significant past feedback and upcoming QA work on WAFFLEHOUSE.

For Behemoth we will request a lump-sum payment to cover his previous costs + a bonus for being an early supporter of the project. Additionally, we will stipulate ongoing payment for bot maintenance (~10h/month), as well as a provision to allow for coverage of major failures/features that may require additional time.

Me (Originality) is just a guy who likes governance and NFTs. I’m not going to guess how many hours I spent writing proposals, talking with members of the team and the community about governance, whipping votes, etc. etc. Enough of my work is out there for you to judge its quality and my dedication to the community.

In the interest of transparency, though I have said this before, Ashitaka was generous enough to pay me 50 YFL a few months ago for my work on the project, so I have not been totally without recompense. I will be requesting a single lump-sum to cover my previous contributions to the project, and all of my work going forward.


Within 3 days of the passage of this proposal, the treasurers shall complete the following transactions detailed below

  • Behemoth

    • A one-time payment of 25 YFL for services rendered to: 0x750FA5f64BEd0faF32761Fe876d3F64ef274fe21

    • Monthly payment of $900 USD in YFL (10h/month @ $90/hr), based on a 30-day weighted average of YFL price to cover bot maintenance and improvements.

    • For hours worked in excess of 10h/month Behemoth may submit a detailed invoice to the Treasury requesting additional payment in YFL – calculated as above – at a rate of $90/hr. Payment of these invoices is left to the sole discretion of the Treasurers.

    • For the upcoming Linkswap launch Behemoth expects a good amount of work on the bots and hence will submit a proposal to the Treasurers outlining the expected work required to make the bots functional with Linkswap. The payment for this work will be in YFL as requested by Behemoth in the proposal and the approval / rejection will be left to the sole discretion of the Treasurers.


  • A one-time payment for 25 YFL for past and future services rendered to: 0x56581d0Fa0D2C42Ead20fdcAd2ef8AeB8171cD8e

Voting Options

For: Approve Treasury disbursement of funds as outlined above.

Against: Reject the above.

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sounds perfectly reasonable to me

Yes I approve, I’ll vote for this. You deserve it.