Mining $YFL in the Governance Rewards Contract

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I was looking for information on the Governance Rewards Contract, now my mouth is watering for BBQ. I believe any generated fees from the pools etc, should be used to purchase $YFL off of uniswap at Market Value and reward it to Governor/Stakers locked for 3 days similar to voting locks but that are claimed or rewarded through the YFL app. Reward the Governor/Stakers not just holder of $YFL but the Stakers. Show that staking is better for earning $YFL and invest the value earned through providing liquidity back into $YFL and the stakers. While keeping a flow of capitol and liquidity to uniswap for those that want to delagate earning $YFL by selling $YFL for others to stake for governance and rewards.


The contract is currently throwing an exception error because the gas limit to wrap YFL is set too low, If someone could fix this that’d be great

Please see the team’s recent update here.

Hi, hoping this is the right topic to request some help. I sent 2 ETH to add liquidity to YFL/ETH via through Uniswap v2 but something went wrong and I didn’t get the pool allocation in Zapper. The ETH was converted to YAM2 to WETT and finally to YFL sent to your contract 0xcb21abb18fbdf5ae6e4db8f2f7b390577d04bdf4.

Here is the hash# 0x4c6b2485d6f4735a6de4e9951811f900560b7f33e70a04a8e4df5cc1f4df82de

I really hoping I can get the 1.4314 YFL sent back. Thanks.