Mining $YFL in Pool 1 (LINK / YFL ) Balancer


This contract is a fork of Andre Cronje’s YFI contract, that has been adapted to distribute $YFL to any user who deposits $LINK into the contract.

The contract will distribute 10,000 $YFL tokens per week on a linear basis until Monday, 10 August 2020 after which it will distribute $YFL at the rate of 5,000 tokens per week on a linear basis until the contract is depleted.

The amount of $YFL tokens any individual wallet receives is proportional to the amount of capital that wallet is providing.

Users can withdraw their $LINK and $YFL from Pool 1 at any time.


Step 1: Obtain $LINK if you don’t already have some
You can also borrow $LINK on a non-custodial basis at

Step 2:

Visit and connect to Metamask

Step 3:

Enter the staking section of

Step 4:

Click the “Balancer Pool” hyperlink to enter the official balancer pool.

Step 5 (Balancer):

Connect your wallet, and click “Add Liquidity”

Step 6 (Balancer):

Unlock each asset by signing a transaction in metamask

Step 7 (Balancer):

Click over to “Single Asset” if you want to just supply LINK, if you select All Pool Assets you will need YFL as well.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.48.22 AM

Note: if you select "All Pool Assets you will need to provide 2% YFL and 98% LINK, please calculate this weight yourself manually as balancer can the weight wrong for newer assets

Step 8 (Balancer):

Enter the amount of LINK you wish to supply to the Balancer Pool

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.53.28 AM

Clicking on “Max” will auto-select all of the $LINK in your wallet for you

Step 9 (Balancer):

Click “Add Liquidity”

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.55.57 AM

Note: If the "Add Liquidity button is greyed out, this means you still need to unlock assets or the transaction still needs to be confirmed on the blockchain

Step 10:

Now you should have BPT in your wallet. Return to the staking section of and click “Mine $YFL” under the LINK/YFL Balancer section

Step 11:

Enter the amount of $BPT you wish to stake.

Clicking on “Balance” will auto-select all of the $BPT in your wallet for you

Step 12:

Click “Stake”. This will fire 2 transactions.

The first one approves the $YFL contract as a spender of your $BPT

The second removes the $BPT from your wallet and puts it into Pool 1

The $YFL rewards should start ticking up over time

That’s it!

Step 13. (Optional) Check your yield

Click on “LINK/YFL Balancer Yield”

Check your yield

That’s it!

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