Marketing Competition - YF LINK Marines Care Package

Marketing Competition - YF LINK Marines Care Package - Community Campaign

Abstract/Executive Summary:

The world is in a tough spot right now. The YF Link Marines can make it a little better by fundraising donations for the Barstool Fund to help small businesses and stand out as a true community-based platform.


There’s a lot of crossover between TradFi and DeFi right now because of what’s happening from $GME & Robinhood to $DOGE blowing up. Dave Portnoy, presidente of Barstool, has been a loud voice in this space as an advocate for retail investors and champion for small businesses.

He’s also previously said that he loves the LINK marines and crypto, but walked away because “he doesn’t understand it”, so let’s show him and his followers how easy it is to ditch the corrupt legacy systems and make the switch from TradFi to DeFi. A lot of people give crypto a bad wrap over scams and greed, so let’s show them how the YF Link Marines can do some good in the world while building the future of finance.

We’ll also use this opportunity to showcase our platform to new and experienced crypto users as it relates to current events:

  • We’re only AMM/DEX where you can easily go from fiat to crypto
  • LINKSWAP is permissionless & uncensorable
  • Available major pairs like LINK and DOGE with high liquidity
  • New pairs that are LINKCHECKED and soon to be RUGLOCKED and/or SPROUTED
  • VCs investing for you with LINKPAD
  • We’re a community-first platform, which is why we care about community-first programs like the Barstool Fund


Donations Method:

Simply using the donation page (, we can have the marketing team set up a wallet to accept any donations with a goal of ~50 YFL (~$25k at time of writing). The fundraiser would take place for 1-2 weeks, during which we can share content about the fundraiser along with existing assets on why to use LINKSWAP.

At the end of the time period, the final amount will be donated to the Barstool Fund from YF Link (they accept BTC/ETH/LINK). We will once again tweet at Dave and Barstool letting them know that the YF Link Marines are here to help in hopes that this resonates with him.

Fundraising Method:

To make this a better and more interactive fundraiser, we could investigate creating a rewards pool (renDOGE/ETH seems appropriate) to donate a portion of the proceedings to a fundraising pool. This would be another incentive to use LINKSWAP over others to potentially earn and donate to a good cause. However, this option would obviously need some developmental work and input/signoff from the larger team on feasibility.


During this time, we would create content around the fundraiser while promoting the advantages of LINKSWAP. Simple images/memes and infographics to accompany any social messaging. The idea here is for a grassroots campaign that everyone can get excited and feel good about. We can also do AMA with YF Link team (Morty/Palis/John Lambo or other) on r/satoshistreetbets or r/altstreetbets explaining the above points with a goal to hit the TradFi/DeFi crowd.

Voting Options


Agree to launch a community fundraiser using methods 1 and/or 2


Decline to launch a community fundraiser using methods 1 and/or 2

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