Marketing Competition Cameo Submissions

Summary: To utilize celebrities through in order to increase YFLink brand awareness.


Cameo is a website that allows individuals to hire celebrities to film a short video message. I propose that YFLink hires several different well known personalities and uses what they were known for to expand the YFLink brand. The advertising could be informative or for humor.

By utilizing Cameo, YFLink would be one of the fist companies to use celebrities for advertising. I believe that this could create a lot of buzz and retweets from individuals as they are not used to seeing celebrities advertise crypto.

In order to use Cameo, YFLink has to use the Business Cameo option which not all celebrities are willing to do. Below are some celebrities that we could hire and their cost:

Lance Bass: $500
Tony Hawk: $2,500
Lindsay Lohan: $2,500
Cedric the Entertainer: $1,500
Dog the Bounty Hunter: $750
Drake Bell (Drake & Josh): $500
Lupe Fiasco: $1,000
Kel Mitchell (Keenan & Kel): $500
Chris Tucker: $5,000

There are more celebrities than the people on this list that we can use. I just wanted to provide an idea of the cost of this marketing plan. In my opinion though, if we could get someone like Dog the Bounty Hunter to advertise YFLink or Lance Bass from NSYNC would be pretty funny.

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