FAILED - Proposal 18 Revision - [ACCELERATED] - LINKSWAP Launch Incentive Vaults

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is for compensation for additional work required in finalizing LINKSWAP v1.1.


Hey guys! @MeanMachineX here. I’ve mostly been heads down at work so have not been able to reach out to the community much, but most of you probably know me from the early days of YFL (back when we were at 10$!). Feels like an age of the world has passed since I teamed up with the YFL team to develop LINKSWAP and all of the new features that everyone is going to finally enjoy in just a few days.

Development costs – one thing that we decided to do when we started LINKSWAP was fund the majority of project costs ourselves – only 200 YFL (at a far lower price) were allocated to Team02 + LINKSWAP, and there was never any fixed fund or budget set for LINKSWAP. So, we’ve taken it like champs, and funded most of the overage ourselves.

That is all fine with me, but Im coming to you for a small portion of the overages funding that needs to be spent to close up our first saga. With LINKSWAP just days away, it lines up perfectly with the proposal voting process as well, and I think it’s a good way to christen the launch of our new DEX! I’ve chatted with #@Roy and the other team members about this, and they’re definitely all for it, so I Ieave the vote to you, YFL community.

Acceleration: Per Proposal 12 I’m requesting accelerated voting on this proposal as these additional funds need to be paid out quickly to fund launch week project management.


I am requesting that 18 YFL total be reimbursed to the Team02 Ethereum address (0x054e460107f5cf44462f4879a4642183B2e9a6fF) for funding the costs of the additional LINKSWAP deliverables:

  • Extra Flexdapps backend work (audit responses + LS-LP incentive vaults): $4500

  • Extra Flexdapps FE work (LP vaults ++ $3500

  • Quantstamp extra 1.5 days for v2 audit: $5000

  • LINKSWAP lead dev “launch week project management”: 5 YFL

Voting Options

For: Approve 18 YFL to be sent within 2 days from the YFL Treasury to Team02’s Ethereum address (0x054e460107f5cf44462f4879a4642183B2e9a6fF)

Against: No changes.

Formal Invoices for items 1 & 2 attached:



Let’s award our devs guys <3


LINKSWAP devs been working hard. I support this!

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100% in support of this - thanks for the hard work!

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I agree with it. Our devs deserve this. :white_check_mark:

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We really appreciate the team work. So well deserved!!

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All, please be aware that the vote for this that is currently on-chain (#42) is invalid because it has not adhered to the requirement that posts must be on the forums for 3 days before on-chain voting. Please do not vote on the proposal if you do not want your tokens to be locked for the 3-day period.

@MeanMachineX is of course welcome to resubmit the proposal on-chain once the 3-day period has passed.

Who is this Who? Who is not acting like a Who. Mwahahaha #SemperYFL