DRAFT - Proposal to create Trading 'Sound Effects skins' and Linkswap soundtrack to enhance UX and Compliment Visual Trading Skins

DRAFT - Proposal to create Trading 'Sound Effects skins' and Linkswap soundtrack to enhance UX and Compliment Visual Trading Skins


Abstract/Executive Summary :


I am a 21 year old full time investor and musician.


I was an extremely early investor in Linkswap, when it was just a governance token meme coin trying to bring together link-marines.


Since the project started, I have been extremely impressed with the developments of the team, platform, and community. I think Linkswap has real potential to be a blue-chip in the space alongside Uniswap and Aave.


The user-interface is amazing. I would like to work with you to make it the best trading user experience of any platform in the world.




Sound Design.


Motivation :


I am a producer/ musician who’s main instrument is percussion (drums) and synth. I have attached some of my work.


One of my favorite platforms to trade on is KuCoin. Why? Simply because of those sweet cha-chings I hear when I buy a gem.


Linkswap already has the best trading skins, with many options to choose from. 


I want to do the same thing for sound.


>Toggle sound: on/off


Sound-skins: Ability to select different characters/narrator themes 


Ideas for narrators: 

  1. Default (A selection of my vision of the best SFX and narration for trading)
  2. Anime Girl
  3. Really Deep (think Halo Team Slayer narrator)
  4. Apes
  5. Ambient billiards game in a jazz bar
  6. Leo from Wolf of Wall Street
  7. Birds singing, summertime ambience


I believe my marketing background and experience in production, sound design, and sampling would make me an asset to the Linkswap team, and help further differentiate Linkswap from any other trading platform in the world. 


You can count on me to deliver quality SFX and narration packs. I take great pride in my work. I will make sounds for different buttons and interactions.


I am a marketing graduate. I am currently working on an in-depth crypto course that I plan on selling mostly to financial advisors (almost finished). I plan to also up-sell them access to my portfolio.


As I sell this course to Financial Advisors, I can help onboard large clients to Linkswap while selling my course. I will be doing most of my selling through cold-calling, while jacked up on several cups of coffee.


During my marketing program, I had a few selling classes, and am confident in my ability to sell something I am so passionate about through cold-calling, internet marketing, referral incentives, and providing value to my community. 


A non-stop creator, I have made over 500 songs. I plan on releasing around 100 this year on Spotify as soon as I am finished with my course and have on-boarded a target of around 100 customers.


I take music very seriously and consider myself a life-time student. I have my own bedroom studio worth around $10,000 USD. I plan to build my own studio when I purchase my first house later this year.


I also would like to add that I would like to help contribute to the Linkpad team in any way possible. It would be an honor to be able to learn and grow from a team that aims to democratize these VC-like investments.


Even if this application doesn’t amount to anything, this team has inspired me so much, and I will always be grateful for all opportunities life throws my way.


Melt by Evolve

Click ‘View’ then ‘present’ for sample course I’m selling to my local financial advisors

music/sfx snippets

Specification :


5 YFL after delivery of 6 great SFX ‘skins’


-100% of these funds I receive will be invested in the soundtrack


-Will use some funds to pay for female vocalists for Linkswap trading soundtrack (I will do some male vocals for free) 


-Will remainder of these funds to cover some of the costs of purchasing a Minilogue Xd synth (this one)


-I have been making electronic synth songs for a while and purchased my first few Volca synths, and having a hands on approach allows me to design sounds much faster while improvising, however the Volcas are just small little synths and the Minilogue will enable me to play chords as it is a polysynth with 4 voices as opposed to the volca which is monophonic (one voice). This synth will allow me to design sounds, pads, soundscapes, voices, and samples for the SFX pack and soundtrack for Linkswap.


and a Zoom field recorder


-This device will enable me to quickly and easily record my synth jams in my studio, and also capture field audio samples with my condenser microphone, very versatile device 


5 YFL after delivery of Linkswap soundtrack (‘original bladerunner’ type soundtrack.)


-I will focus on completing this after SFX ‘skins’ are finished.


-I want to give the soundtrack proper justice, and will constantly be updating and working on every track so it may take me between 3-6 months.


-I understand that the sooner I have this done the better, but I promise my work will be worth the wait. I can continue to create SFX skins to keep up the hype until the Linkswap trading soundtrack is done.


“Linkswap will be an utterly vibey platform to trade on.”

I also would like to propose adding some donation buttons for team members and developers, for example donate to devs, marketing, trading skin designer, SFX designer, soundtrack designer, similar to how some video games let you donate to specific developers. This can help crowd-source further Linkswap innovation.


These YFL’s will be put to great use. I will use 100% of the YFL’s transparently and verifiable by taking pictures of purchases, recording progress and providing updates and videos of my work.


I plan to continue investing my own money into my studio on top of the YFL I may receive to purchase synth, field recorder, and reverb on things like microphones, camera, tripod.


I may need to purchase vintage synths, a new snare drum, and more microphones to record drums, and various cables. I have historically invested a decent percent of gains into the studio and I will continue to do so whenever I feel necessary to improve my sound.


I am very bullish on this project and may choose to stake YFL instead of selling for equipment if I can afford to cover my cost elsewhere.

You can count on my 100% commitment.


-Alpha Chad


Voting Options




Agrees to fund development with a total of 10 YFL according to the 2 separate deliverable targets of Linkswap SFX skins, and Linkswap Soundtrack to enhance the UX as outlined in the specification functions.




Votes against developing SFX skins and Linkswap soundtrack.