DRAFT - Proposal - LINKSWAP THEME-Competition

Hey Guys,
I’d like to host a big THEME-Competition for the LINKSWAP-Community. Show us your design skills and create a theme for https://linkswap.app

The resulting themes might provide Linkswap with a better UX. The competition might attract the artistic/creator types to our community. The competition would be an opportunity for community members to get rewarded for contributions.

The THEME-Competition should take place from 15th to 31st of March 2021. Participants have to send a screenshot of a themed swap-page (LINKSWAP) to themes@yflink.io
After a short period of reviewing the entries, they will be up on a ‘read-only’ channel on our discord and a snapshot vote will be opened to vote for the specific entries (from 2nd to 5th of April 2021).

The three winning THEMES will be built and hosted on LINKSWAP on the 9th of April (latest)

I request 6 YFL from the treasury to have following prices for the winners:
1st Place - 3 YFL
2nd Place - 2 YFL
3rd Place - 1 YFL

Please discuss here. If we agree on creating this Proposal it will be hosted on snapshot for a vote.

Voting options will be:
FOR: Yes, let’s do it!
AGAINST: No, don’t do a Theme Competition


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Hi All,

With all due respect and I love @linkie’s effort, i’m not sure we should spend the little treasury we have on Theme competition. We do have some amazing themes already available and I guess the expectation of the community is to focus on the volume and price action.

My 2 cts…


Because it took some time to get it on snapshot the dates update to:

22nd of March to 5th of April 2021 for the Competition
7th to 10th April for the vote
15th April launch of the new Themes