DRAFT - Proposal - CoinTiger Exchange Listing

Abstract/Executive Summary

We request $40K in YFL and stablecoins from the treasury to fund a listing and initial market making on the Singapore-based centralized exchange CoinTiger. Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | CoinTiger


This proposal is designed to use treasury funds on a strategic CEX listing to support YFL awareness accessibility and awareness in Asia alongside our Rocktree marketing initiative launching at the beginning of March. CoinTiger has been identified as a great option for the following reasons:

-Very affordable listing for the CEX metrics

-1M KYCed (verified unique) users

-$600M in daily volume

-Has DeFi coins listed and a “DeFi” section of their assets - this is actually more important than daily volume, that they have users interested in DeFi coins

-Based in Singapore; crypto-friendly high trust location for long term presence

-Perfectly aligns with our Rocktree marketing strategy (Asian crypto markets are still very CEX-heavy)


  • A total of $40K for both the listing fee plus initial market making. CoinTiger’s listing packages are not public, and they are aware this is being proposed to a public DAO so we’re not able to break down the cost further than this. However, this is a very low cost listing.
  • Market making funds will be sent to the dev fund once we’re able to scale out our market making orders.

Voting Options


Approve the use of treasury funds for this campaign


Reject the use of treasury funds for this campaign

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Not a good use of funds IMO. CEX for a (closed) DEX? I’m not seeing it myself. I’d be interested to know how this compares
To want Sushi paid out? Suggest a better, comparative, business case is needed as a minimum.
Currently against.