DRAFT - Proposal 27 - Dev Compensation 2

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is for compensation to development teams and frontend devs for February


Hey everyone, Roy here ^^

As a follow up to my last proposal, this one is a request for dev funds ongoing for the month of February. Over the last few months I’ve taken some time to sort out the processes and have begun slimming down the YFL team to only core contributors who are well worth paying. This means the ask will be much lower this time around and we’ll get a much better bang for our buck.

Thinking about the future, as well as the sustainability of YFL and particularly the treasury - we are already starting to see some good numbers for the treasury based on volumes right now. At the moment, the treasury is getting something like 10k USD per month in volume fees - that’s with just 5 million USD/day. I think 50 million per day is totally doable (Sushi has 500 million, just for comparison) and would give a monthly top-up of ~100k USD straight to the Treasury.

Naturally, as we transition from a Treasury that lowers over time to one that increases, I think this is going to slowly start building up the address to enable more development and possibility. Which will be great moving forward. I think it’s likely we hit these number targets within the next month or two, which means we are well positioned to start slowly increasing Treasury by then.

This is good news, as it means we can safely utilize a portion of remaining funds for more development ongoing.

I also wanted to reward our frontend dev LinkieLink who has been crushing it with all of the features, updates, fixes, and polishing that he has given to LINKSWAP and related deliverables over the past month. Definitely well earned and I want to push hard for him to get a cut.

I won’t be asking for anything personally this time around as I was properly compensated during the last prop.


I am requesting that:

50 YFL be sent to the public dev fund address: 0xe905454997E0cee0bcE7073840673ea266638281;

20 YFL be sent to LinkieLink’s public address: 0xa6Dab77b720BA09171949a5662630def698C22aC ;

5 YFL be sent to Morty’s public address: 0x5000E0c70076BB9fa38B1A3F431405c63BeA28d3 ;

Voting Options

For: Approve the YFL to be sent within 10 days to the above addresses

Against: No changes.