Draft - DokiDoki NFT Treasury Requisition

Abstract/Executive Summary:
This is a request for $1350 paid from the stablecoin treasury to compensate me for out-of-pocket expenses

I fronted the artwork commission costs to DokiDoki for the latest round of NFTs, and so I am requesting a one-time payment of $1350 from the Stablecoin Pool to recoup my costs.

I am not asking for money directly from the treasury to recoup the time and effort spent on this batch of NFTs - instead I will take a small percentage of the total sale cost of the NFTs as an experiment into project incentivization.


Treasurers will pay $1350 in stablecoins to address: 0x8188594FC8E266059BaC9B5AE8F1C440f38384E1

Voting Options

For: Approve the payment

Against: Reject the payment

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